Renovation Loans

Renovation loans are perfect for making improvements to your home or investment property and are commonly used to either upgrade or repair the home. Whether you’re planning bathroom renovations, a new kitchen, new floors or even a new roof, NSW Mortgage Corp can help you with a range of renovation loans designed to go hand-in-hand with your project.

With property values increasing in so many locations across Australia last year, renovation loans have become popular for people with growing families who love the neighbourhood they live in but want more space, or a more modern feel. For others with a vision of their dream home, you don’t need to sell your house and upgrade to get what you’ve been dreaming about – NSW Mortgage Corp is right here with years of experience helping people renovate their homes.

For those looking to sell or improve the value of an investment property, a renovation loan can help you improve the value of your property to either significantly increase the sale price or to improve your property’s rental yield, allowing you to justifiably increase the property’s rent and with it, your rental income.

We can help you find the best financial solution to pay for your home renovations – a common solution is to use a 100% offset account that enables you to make extra repayments towards your home loan and simply use a drawdon facility to access the funds as needed, so you don’t have to wait to purchase the bathroom tiles or pay the contractors their upfront fee.

To speak with a loan consultant today to find out your best renovation loan option simply fill in the enquiry form to your right, or give us a call on 1300 137 778.

Construction Loans

Construction Loans Our construction loans are typically sought after by those looking to complete an extensive home extension, or build a home or investment property from scratch. NSW Mortgage Corp offers construction loans with great flexibility. You can use construction loans to purchase land and construct a house, to refinance an existing loan and construct […]

Construction Process

Construction Process Are you building or planning major renovations for your home or investment property? Here is a summary of the five major stages involved to do so. Your building site is graded and excavated, and the boundaries of the foundation are laid out before the basic plumbing is installed and the foundation is poured. […]