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Author: Jack Richings

how does a bridging home loan work

How Does A Bridging Home Loan Work?

Are you looking to purchase a new house while you wait for your current one to sell? You don’t have to miss the opportunity. How does a bridging home loan work?

home loan arrears

Tips when Applying for Personal Loans to Pay-Off Home Arrears

When you are having difficulty in paying your first mortgage, you may want to consider taking a second mortgage to consolidate your loans and save more money in the process. Not only will you be able to spend the extra cash for your urgent needs, but you will also still have the opportunity to get a lower interest rate, and a more affordable monthly payment.

When You Miss Your Monthly Payments
Credit Score

What Happens When You Miss Your Monthly Payments

With this article, we aim to inform you of what you might come across when you stop paying your loans. Be careful though, because once you are on that track, you will have a hard time getting back.

Our Guide To Unsecured Personal Loans

Our Guide to Unsecured Personal Loans  

The first thing you should know and be careful about when applying for an unsecured personal loan is represented by the high fees. The loans come with higher fees than secured personal loans because that’s how the lender compensates for the lack of security.

The Difference Between Fixed Rate And Variable Home Loans
Investment Property

The Difference Between Fixed Rate and Variable Home Loans

Specialised lenders came up with innovative schemes to provide suitable options for home loans borrowers. But, despite the fact that there are various types of home financing, they are generally classified into two types:  Fixed rate and variable rate loans.

Does Fear Influence Your Financial Decisions?
Financial Tips

Does Fear Influence Your Financial Decisions?

There are many books out there about how to make good financial decisions because more and more Aussies are making a lot of mistakes when it comes to money. When fear is mixed with your financial decisions, chances are you will not get the best results.