If you want to a buy a new vehicle in cash, to avoid the heavy interests of auto loan, no credit check loans can help.

Many car buyers contemplate whether buying a brand new car is far better than getting an auto loan. If you are willing to part with your car the moment you default on the loan, then you can opt for the latter. But, if you want to keep your car, without fear of being dragged out of you, you can opt for loans which will not use it as collateral. There are also many personal loans products out there that do not require collateral.

But the real question is—do you think it is really the best time in your life to buy a new car? If you are dead set in having one, and we can’t talk you out of it—simply because it’s a dream of yours to have one, or you really need it (perhaps because of your job or business) then short term loans can make your  purchase experience hassle free.

Check these pieces of advice when purchasing a new vehicle:

Watch out for car dealer scams

There are many dishonest car dealers out there who will make money out there who will try to take away your hard-earned money either by charging hefty interests or by stealing your money along with the promised car. Remember, if the deal is too good to be true, it most likely is—so get away from that deal as soon as you can. Buy only from registered dealers.

What’s the point of purchasing from unknown dealers when you have cars with good auto loan features? If you think you are not eligible for auto loans offered by top car dealers in the country—you have another option, apply for a no credit check loan, get the money you need and buy that car of your choice.

Shop when the price is low because of low demands for cars and high supply

As much as possible, don’t go shopping when there is very high demand for cars and very low supply. One good way of doing this is to look for year-end sales ads to get better rates.

Avoid shopping on busy days

If you want to buy a high quality vehicle at its most affordable rate, go to car dealerships when there are only few people in there to give you more time to negotiate better deals. When there are many customers lining up, the dealers may not be able to entertain your questions, and bargains. So, always set an extra time to shop—spend more than five minutes in a shop and don’t skip other car dealers out there. You can shop around until you get the lowest price. Who cares if they will not offer you financing? You can always apply for a personal loan (like then one offered by NSW Mortgage Corp) to buy that car.

Look for car dealers who are trying to meet their sales quota for the month

Inventory sales can help you strike great deals. So, if your car dealer seems is eager to sell as many vehicles as possible—take advantage of it, give it your best when negotiating for a price and you’ll probably drive that dream car of yours in a jiffy.

Do not overspend

If you are living paycheck-to-paycheck with a pretty alarming credit score which does not qualify you for low rates loans, perhaps you need to take a step back and re-consider buying a brand new car. As individuals we need to learn how to adapt to our personal economy. Our attitudes towards money, debt and luxuries in life must be aligned to our current financial situation, if you have the means to buy a brand new vehicle, without compromising your basis necessities and your monthly bills-go for it. But, if you barely make it out of debt each month—you might consider cheaper alternatives, such as cars at government auction, or dealership auctions, or second hand good quality vehicles.

Perhaps it is time to change your financial situation with a new mindset. Don’t settle for a paycheck-to-paycheck living, and throw attitudes that block you from improving your situation. Calculate how much money you have in your hands right now. If there’s no leftover from your monthly income and you are relying from one debt to another to buy things that you need–maybe not buying a new car would make it a little bit less strenuous on your wallet. Instead, you can apply for second mortgage to consolidate your loans, and use the extra money to generate more income, so you can buy a brand new car next time.

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