In business, things move fast and sometimes you need to make a decision that will require some immediate funds to back it up. Maybe you need the money to purchase and investment or commercial property before competing bidders beat you to it. Maybe an expansion will take your business to the next level, increasing your profits, but you don’t have the cash in hand to make it happen.You may need working capital to make your business more profitable in the day to day. Missing a good business opportunity is never it good thing. In fact, it’s bad business. A caveat loan could be the solution.

Caveat Loans are Faster

Caveat loans are similar to second mortgages because you use your real estate property as security. You can secure the loan with residential real estate, commercial, retail, industrial vacant land and development sites. However, the major difference between the two is speed. Caveat loans typically settle within 24-72 hours from a completed application and are usually structured for 1 to 4 months.

Because they are short term you pay them back quickly and there aren’t the ongoing loan payments that are involved in other loan types. Another benefit for you and your business is that unlike traditional loans, approval isn’t solely reliant on your credit history. Caveat loan approval is primarily based on the available equity in the real estate being offered as equity.

So why not benefit from being a property owner with a caveat loan? It’s a loan solution that opens the door to big opportunities for your business.