The property market in Australia is enjoying a high score in the confidence index and is experiencing considerable growth. According to recent reports, it has been discovered that New South Wales has been experiencing substantial growth in the household economy. The information was derived from research conducted on 2,300 professionals belonging to the real estate sector.

Last year in September, the New South Wales confidence index was measured at 143 in the Australian Property Confidence, amongst which 100 was deemed neutral. For the property confidence index, there were over 650 New South Wales real estate experts that were surveyed, assessed and reviewed for the Property Council Survey.

According to Glenn Byres, who works as an executive director for the Property Council NSW, Australia’s rising property market is one of the main reasons why the economy of New South Wales is improving, taking into account all the gains made from stamp duty receipts present in the state’s new budget. The property industry has managed to maintain a stellar outlook. Plus, it has also managed to re-develop NSW as the most economically successful state in Australia.

Positive Economic Impact for the NSW Property Market

Byres states that the projections for increased work levels, additional and forward schedules and NSW’s economic stability and progress are all resolutely and decisively placed on the ledger’s right side.  Although there have been reports that the sudden increase in Australia’s property market and residential capitals may be toning down a bit, the market still remains optimistic and full of promise.

Senior property analyst David Cannington, who works for ANZ, stated that Australia’s economy is heading towards success mainly due to the positive achievements in infrastructure and real estate projects. The confidence index of NSW has drastically increased over the past 18 months to rise to the highest level ever recorded across all other major cities of Australia. This rise in confidence index reflected Sydney’s residential real estate and strong foreign investments sectors, furthering NSW’s property market.

According to Cannington, it is expected that NSW’s economy will continue to perform exceptionally in the coming 12 to 18 months. This will largely be determined by successful residential and commercial construction, not to mention the government’s expenditure on large scale infrastructure development projects.

Despite the fact that the property market has been slightly cooling off, sales of residential properties and house price gains are stable, resulting in the increment of NSW’s property sector. Furthermore, there has been a substantial increase in commercial real estate in all sectors of the economy. This has resulted in driving potential prospects for cap rate compression across prime and second-rate commercial property in the coming years.

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