Read on and discover the laws of using personal loans to help self-employed individuals and company owners achieve financial stability.

It is so easy to empty our pockets, and not all purchases that often get us into debt are even worth it. In fact, many people obtain personal loans with business, investments and straight out of business schools stellar money management strategies—only to lose the loan proceeds to nothing. Does it mean that those things are not necessary? No. It simply means that while powerful tools such as knowledge, skills and opportunities are imperative, it is the art of using these available tools that makes the difference.

Proper mindset

It’s not enough to obtain low-cost, easy to pay and consumer-friendly personal loan. If you want to optimize its wealth-generating potential, you have to use it in the right place and at the right time. Not only that-it is also equally important to be utterly convinced that you are the right person to do the job.

Many people think that they deserve to incur debts and to stay there because they have been irresponsible in handling their finances. Talk about self-pity and surrender. If you truly feel that you deserve to stay in debt, it will dampen your ability to act when you face uncertainties. In your career, business and personal life. But, if you believe that you possess even a very slight capacity to succeed because you deserve it, you can surely achieve your financial goals despite the discomfort, hurdles and inconvenience that you have to go through.

Profit-bearing expenses

It’s not just about meeting your needs, but growing your money as well. Many borrowers use personal loans to spend on something-and that’s it. While their income remains the same, their expenses increase-with the addition of the cost of the loan.

Remember that money is still money—even if it’s a debt. Unless you understand how it works as a financial tool it is difficult to risk losing it into investments, business dealings and other profit generating expenses.  But if see your money as one that is mobile, demands respect and has the capacity for growth, you are most likely to make well informed financial decisions than those who simply look at a personal loan as an easy way to meeting emergency needs.

How do you generate income out of a small loan? It starts with goal setting. When you set a goal for your personal loan, other than just consuming it, you can use the loan proceed with a purpose and sets of rules to carry it on. Of course, dedication, wise business management strategies and topnotch product or service quality are needed to complement it.

Company culture

Do you have the right culture in your organization, one wherein the motivation is not simply based on money, but on sense of fulfillment, joy of serving and loving the idea of being a part of the company? Do you like what you do and the people that you work with? The company culture is one of the biggest influencers in terms of financial success.

Each member of the organization is an important catalyst for growth. When an employee dislikes the idea of working for you, despite so many incentives, it is impossible to get the level of productivity that you wanted.  That’s why many companies spend money on team building, personality development seminars and psychological therapies—while not leaving off the reward system behind.

For self-employed borrowers, do you have the right culture in your small organization? That means—having the right motivation, budget, strategy and cash reserves top meet your needs and achieve your targets.


Do you use the right technology to meet your production, marketing and management goals? The advent of new technology and the challenging demands of the modern market require technological adaptation. Unless you have a very creative team that can do well without the latest technology, it is difficult to meet the demands in a competitive market. But, technology can be very expensive. Can the proceeds of your personal loans pay for those changes?

Commitment and discipline

These two go hand in hand. If we are committed to reach our financial goals, despite the struggles that we face on a daily basis, we won’t mind the discipline it entails to keep us moving forward. Sure, many entrepreneurs have their mind set on small and big things and most of them reach their goals without making major lifestyle changes. But, if you’re hard on cash but you want to improve your business, reach your full potential and create a stable financial status not only for your business but for your personal life as well, discipline and commitment are necessary.

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