1. How much can I borrow?
    Our loans start from $5,000. To see the total amount you can afford to borrow, simply use our finance calculators.
  2. How quickly can my loan be approved and money transferred into my account?
    We can approve your loan over the phone and provide funds in as little as 24 hours, providing we are satisfied that you meet all documentation, loan suitability and ability-to-pay requirements at the time of application.
  3. I’m self employed and finding it difficult to provide the banks with all of the documentation that they require to get a loan. Can you help?
    We certainly can. Unlike the banks, we don’t penalise you for being self employed and we won’t slug you with a higher rate of interest. We have a range of tailored loan options that we can discuss with you.
  4. I have previously defaulted and am embarrassed about having a bad credit rating. What are my options now?
    This is a common scenario – you are not alone. We understand sometimes life can throw a curve ball unexpectedly at us and you may have had difficulty with making payments on time. Our attentive and friendly team will look at your situation and discuss the best finance solutions available to you.
  5. I am in arrears with my home loan. How do I get my payments and myself back on track?
    We specialise in helping get people out of arrears. A large percentage of our clientele experience falling behind with their mortgage payments when they come to us.
  6. Are there any costs involved in taking out a loan?
    We will cover any up front costs that may be incurred and recover them once your loan is settled.
  7. Can applicants from rural areas of Australia get financing?
    We lend to people living in rural areas across Australia – and have done for over 20 years!