If you’re ready to take the leap into owning your own home or purchasing your first car, don’t run to the nearest mortgage broker or car dealership without checking your credit!

Visit Veda to pull your own credit file first. Veda is the leading provider of credit information in Australia and New Zealand. When you approve a lender or bank to review your credit file, you’ll be seeing what they see. Pulling your own credit file is free of charge and will arm you with knowledge of your financial personality. There really is something to the adage “Knowledge is power”.

Check Your Credit File

Is your credit file clean? If your answer is yes then a congratulations is in order! The absence of red flags in your credit file will increase your chances of obtaining the home loan or car loan you have been dreaming about.

Is your credit file a bit messy? Don’t fret! Just like tackling that messy garage or room where you toss everything you want to put away later, cleaning up your credit file can be done as easy as putting away a box of tools.

Grab your highlighter (or pen) and circle or make note on your credit file of any listings that you believe is an error or that you know are wrong. Once you’ve gone through your entire credit file, give yourself a pat on the back. Step one is done.

Now what

There are two options most people will take.

  1. Some will reach out to each lender and resolve the issue themselves.
  2. If the thought of reaching out to each lender is already making your palms sweaty, we suggest reaching out to a company that will do the messy work for you. Think of a credit service as a maid for your credit. We suggest Clean Credit. Their friendly staff will be there for you and will take the time to understand your credit issues.

Once your credit file has been cleared of any red flags, you can head confidently into that dealership, knowing that when they look at your credit file they won’t have any concerns.