We’ve all got financial emergencies that we cannot possibly cover with our salaries without being left without a dime at the end of the month. In this case, personal loans come in very handy. However, this type of loan is not universally the same.

Personal loan features can differ from lender to lender. These features must be thoroughly compared, so that in the end you are satisfied with the deal you’ve got.

There are quite a few personal loan features you must research and examine in contrast. Let’s see some of them.

Personal Loan Features You Must Analyse

  • Term of the contract

Make sure that you’re taking the loan with the best repayment term. You wouldn’t want to pay within three years what you could’ve easily paid in just one. In other words, the term of the contract must be tailored – or at least suited – to your needs.

A short term is good on a relatively small loan. A long term is good on a large one.

  • Interest rates

Interest rates are extremely important. Once again, they are not universal. Lenders can perceive interest rates so high that taking the loan is simply not worth it. You could end up paying twice the sum you’ve borrowed.

Don’t rush your research – examine more lenders and their interest rates. Go with the one that has the lowest ones. Everybody hunts for loans with interest rates that don’t leave them bankrupt.


  • Exit fees in case of refinancing

Maybe not today, but you’re bound to find a better offer in time. Refinancing can save you a lot of money (on interest rates in particular), but the exit fees on your current loan can make it impossible for you to get out of it without evaporating your savings.

Whenever you do some research on personal loan features, don’t forget to take a look at this, too. Make it easier for you to refinance if you get a better offer.

  • Better repayment plans

Repayment plans are usually altered so that they fit the possibilities of the clients. However, a lender may have a better plan than another one, or at least he might be more than happy to make one that suits your needs perfectly. Compare many plans before you decide on the best one for you.

Final Thoughts

Personal loan features are there to be compared, not to be taken as is. If you have a good credit score, you’ll see how pampered you’ll be. Lenders are going to fight over you. Of course, that makes it easier to make the best decision with little to no effort at all.

Unfortunately, there are many persons who don’t carry out any comparisons. That makes them take loans that are not in the least satisfying. It also buries them under more debt than they were expecting. Lenders are in a never-ending competition to attract more clients. Use that to your advantage, and you’ll avoid getting a bad deal.