Hey Team,

So today is the big day! I’m finally getting my life back on track.

I just wanted to say a quick thank you…

I’m very much a believer in “Things happen for a reason”. Two years ago after struggling to get a business loan I stumbled upon your company and my file ended up on your desk. I was certain I was signing a deal with the devil… as to me the loan was somewhat unconventional. Never-the-less it was all above board, and you made it happen when no other lender would.

Fast forward two years later, you’d moved on to a different department…. and I was struggling to make ends meet. Once again… by sheer luck or coincidence… my file ended up on your desk… and next thing I knew a familiar voice was helping me back on my feet once again…. and once again when no one else would or could. And all to be settled on your final day at NSW Mortgage…. Like I said… Things happen for a reason.

Whilst it may just be ‘your job’ so to speak…. what you have done to help me…. words can’t express the gratitude I have. I was truly in a hole far too deep, paying a mortgage for a house I didn’t live in, paying rent in a new town, trying to juggle all my own bills, my business bills all whilst trying to juggle utility bills for my mum too…. working far to many hours and getting further and further behind. Week after week my pay was gone before I could even look at it.Bills were still mounting up. My next choice was to declare bankruptcy or sell what little I had left and be left with nothing.

I was drowning… and fast. I’ll never tell my closest friends this… but for months I hadn’t even bought groceries. I made sure my dog had food…. I made sure I had one tank of fuel each week to get me to and from work… but I can’t remember the last time I bought fresh veggies to cook at home. I managed to settle for a feed at work each day… and take some left overs home for dinner. I was a senior manager, on an OK salary and I couldn’t even put food on my own table.

I’m not telling you this because I’m looking for sympathy, or because I’m feeling sorry for myself or trying to spin some sob story. I just want you to know the true value and worth of what you have done for me. What might be just a refinance for some…. what you have done for me is save me…. and nothing I can say or write can truly express how grateful I am. 

With the other debts paid out… I’m able to cover all my general living expenses (including groceries!!!), plus put a good amount away into savings each week and still have money left over each week to spend on myself. I’ll no longer be dreading each week which bill to not pay so I can pay another.

So from the bottom of my soul… I want to say a mammoth THANK YOU. I wish you all the very best for whatever journey life takes you on next. Whatever you do and wherever you go… I wish you great success… You deserve it.

Thanks again. Truly.

Kindest regards