Spending Bulk Money: Items You Should Splurge On


Whether you’re dedicated to living within a budget, or you’re a student that’s strapped for cash, some things seem incredibly expensive. But there are a few things that will be saving you money in the long run, if you spend big when you need them. 

It’s a fact that higher quality items will (more often than not) require replacement less frequently than the cheap alternatives. Buying things that are built to last means you won’t have to fork out for another short-term piece of furniture or item of clothing. The general piece of advice is that when something is separating you from the ground – pay for good quality.

Here’s a list of items you can splurge on, even when you’re on a budget:


This is a common splurge-purchase. It’s actually incredibly easy to find mattresses and bed frames for very little, but the quality does leave something to be desired. A decent mattress will last you approximately a decade, and given the amount of time you spend sleeping – as well as the health benefits of a good night’s sleep and physical support to your body during the night – it makes sense to spend a lot and feel a whole world better. If you’re spending the minimum on your bed, you’ll be able to feel it. You’ll also be replacing it before long, and not under warranty. If you’re going to splurge on mattresses and frames, treat yourself to some high-quality sheets as well. Breathable cotton sheets are a welcome bedfellow in summer.  

Bags and Luggage 

Handbags, backpacks and wallets are everyday items that hold important information – your credit cards, license/I.D., sometimes even your lunch! These are things you don’t want to lose through theft or misplacement and so you definitely don’t want to lose your personal belongings because they fell out through a hole in a cheap bag. Buying well-made items, especially with leather wallets and bags, means you won’t have to replace them for years. Luggage is another thing that can cost a fair amount, but depending on how frequently you use it, it can last forever.


This is one category that tends to get overlooked; when you buy your basic cookware, it’s often during a move-in process. That’s going to be costing you enough financially and emotionally. You want the basic pots and pans that you know you’ll use, because your new place has nothing. Once you acquire a few things, cookware needs are taken care of, right? That’s until a handle breaks or a ‘non-stick’ pan isn’t quite so. Decent pots, pans and utensils – such as knives – last for years. Years! They might even outlive you, and go into your will for the grandkids. They’re certainly not cheap, but they don’t come without guarantees and a much more enjoyable cooking experience.


Not all clothing needs to be expensive and high-end, because that ceases to be a one-off splurge, but things like outerwear and quality shoes are items that will prove their worth long-term. Purchasing a high quality coat or jacket (provided that you live in a climate that necessitates wearing one) is a good investment – it will last you years as opposed to a cheap jacket with a lining that will wear down before the cold season ends, and of course need replacing. Similarly, shoes that will support your feet without wearing thin and doing damage are shoes worth buying. Your feet will thank you for it.

A few well-placed materialistic investments don’t have to break the budget if you make your purchases at the right times. Sales, specials and online shopping is your friend for nearly all of these. Be ready to strike, and you’ll save your wallet in the long term. Even better, you’ll enjoy some quality stuff for a long time to come.

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