5 Home Decorating Ideas Not To Follow Through


If you are in the mood to start redesigning your interior space then you are probably not at any loss for ideas. There are dozens of magazines that offer home decorating ideas. There are possibly hundreds or thousands of websites that cover every decorating idea ever thought of. As fashion trends come and go, the home décor trends come and go as well. Some things are almost timeless but there are going to be some fads that fade almost as soon as they appear. It is best not to decorate your home by making it over with the latest home decorating ideas. If you are intending to add value to your home then you should do your research and make sure to stay away from certain looks that will make your home’s style seem out of date or too personalised.

Home Decorating Ideas Not to Follow

Dead animal heads can be repulsive to many people. If hunting is your hobby then maybe you have a special bond with the beast that you hunted down. For most people though, a stuffed deer’s head is just creepy and morbid.

Chevron is a design that has taken over recently but is also quickly becoming too common. Instead of hopping on the chevron band wagon, it might be better to stick with something less jarring to the eyes. The chevron print had its time and now it is time to let it go.

Typography has been a staple of the interior designer’s portfolio for years. It comes in a simple letter or short sentences and is plastered on the wall for its simplicity and eye catching appeal. Having a quote that you like or just an inspiring word on the wall or framed on a desk might sound like a great idea at first but it can quickly become the most annoying combination of letters that you know.

The Union Jack has taken over Australia. It is not even the national flag but you still see it on pillows and throw covers in almost every home. It is time to take the British flag away and use the Australian one instead.

Another one of the home decorating ideas that need to fly away is the trend about birds on everything. Having birds on everything can make you seem as bizarre as a cat lady.

Do yourself a favour and skip to the next article if you see any of these home decorating ideas when you are scanning through magazines and webpages. You might end up paying for things that you don’t need and shouldn’t have, and before you know it you might end up in debt for indulging in these bad home decorating ideas.

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