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Finding out your options is important. That’s why NSW Mortgage Corp offers no-obligation loan consultations.

Interest Rates Matter

It makes sense to look for the best interest rate you can find. As a home loan is a long term debt, the smallest difference can really add up over time. You also need to consider a range of options, such as flexibility or being able to pay your home loan sooner. There is no credit check in these initial consultations, so you don’t have to worry about impacting your credit rating. Check out our affordable options for personal loans, cash loans, bad credit loans, and more. 

Get the shortest loan term you can afford

The term of your loan impacts the size of your mortgage payments and how much interest you will pay. A 20 year loan term means higher repayments but you pay much less interest. If you opt for 30 years you won’t have such large repayments but overall you will pay more interest. 

Note: An interest rate even 0.5% could save you thousands of dollars over time.

refinance to consolidate high-interest debts into my home loan
Fixed Vs Variable Interest Rates​

Fixed Vs Variable Interest Rates

Fixed rates are fairly self explanatory and mean you pay a set rate for a specified period, after which you negotiate a new rate. For budging this makes life simpler, but if interest rates go down you won’t benefit. It can also cost more if you decide to refinance, due to break fees.

Variable interest rates go up and down, but it’s a lot more flexible if you choose to change or refinance later to get a better deal.

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