Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loans

We offer debt consolidation loans tailored for people with a bad credit history. We look at the big picture instead of just the number on your credit file.

When Banks Say "No" We Say "Yes"

Are you feeling discouraged after receiving a ‘no’ from the bank? Bank rejections can lead many people to believe that there is no way to obtain a debt consolidation loan with  bad credit. However, this is not the case at NSW Mortgage Corp. We offer bad credit debt consolidation loans tailored for you. We look at the bigger picture instead of just a number on your credit file.

Bad credit debt consolidation loans work in the same way as regular debt consolidation, except the interest rate is typically charged at a higher rate. This is because the lender sees you (the debtor) as a higher risk client. A bad credit debt consolidation loan will allow you to group all your liabilities into one account thereby reducing your monthly payments.

Repay Your Debts Into One Easy Loan And Save Long-Term

By finding the right debt consolidation loan to suit your individual situation, you can begin to take control of your debt and start to rebuild your bad credit rating.

If you have bad credit, then getting a debt consolidation loan maybe even more important than for a person with a good credit rating.  By consolidating your debt into one easy repayment you are reducing the number of bills you have to keep up with and putting yourself on the right track to rebuild your credit. You’ll stop the harassment from creditors so you can focus on the important things in life.

You don’t have to continue in a downward spiral of debt, by taking out more and more loans, and repaying one credit card with another – consolidate and pay your debts back in one loan and reduce your long-term repayments.

Bad credit debt consolidation loans aren’t as hard to get as you may have thought. NSW Mortgage Corp can help you get in control of your debts and repair your bad credit rating.

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