Types of Business Finance Loans

Even when your business is operating well, you may still need some extra finance to fund growth ambitions.

start-up business loans

Start Up Business Loans

To help you start-up a new business you can apply for a start-up business loan. NSW Mortgage Corp lends to those purchasing or starting a business and to new business owners because we understand that in the first year of business there are so many expenses to pay. You can use your start-up business loan for reasons such as buying equipment, materials and tools needed to operate your business.

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Business Expansion Loans

Our business expansion loans are for business owners that are growing their operation at a steady pace. When running a business, most people will get to a point where they need to expand their location, purchase a new vehicle for growing business demands or buy equipment to better meet their customers’ needs.

business motor vehicle loan

Motor Vehicle Business Loans

Business loans for motor vehicles are used by businesses that need to transport equipment and goods, make deliveries or operate from(such as a mobile cafe). We offer motor vehicle business loans to enable our business clients to meet their business transportation requirements.

home renovation

Loans for Equipment and Tools

Businesses that need industrial equipment such as machinery used in a production line or factory can utilise a business loan specifically for equipment, plant and tools.

property investment loans

Business Property Loans

Owning a business means you need a location to operate from. Many people will purchase a business property for the comfort of knowing they will only need to relocate on their own terms – not because the property owner has decided to sell or demolish the property. If you’re interested in purchasing a property to conduct your business from, call us today to apply for a business loan.

flexible business loans

Flexible Business Loans

Flexible business loans for your everyday business expenses are available with fixed interest rates, variable interest rates and capped interest rates. These business loans offer a choice of repayment options to suit your business cash flow requirements, whether it be to pay bills, wages, tax or even to purchase some new office equipment.

If you would like to discuss a business loan, one of our knowledgeable team members at NSW Mortgage Corp can help you discover if our business loan options are right for you. 

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