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A bad credit loan is a personal loan given to borrowers who have poor credit. A bad credit history can make borrowing money difficult. A bad credit loan has fewer lending restrictions that allow a lender to loan to someone who has bad credit or who has defaulted on past loans.

Bad credit can befall anyone, and when you find yourself low on funds a bank rejection for a personal loan is the last thing you need. At NSW Mortgage Corp, we offer bad credit loans with an understanding that bad credit happens to many and that shouldn’t stop you from finding the loan that is right for you.

We See People Not Numbers on a Credit File

There are some things in life you don’t have control over, job loss, divorce, illness or losing a loved one –these are all common unforeseen circumstances that can leave you without enough money to cover your financial obligations. Unfortunately these difficult times can sometimes lead to an unwanted stain on your credit file. NSW Mortgage Corp understands that bad credit doesn’t necessarily indicate a bad borrower. Our attentive and friendly team has helped thousands of clients breathe a sigh of relief and get on top of their finances with bad credit loans. At NSW Mortgage Corp we see people, not numbers on a credit file.

Our bad credit loan process is fast and flexible, meaning you can get quick access to the finance you need. Even better, we can offer you low interest rates and flexible loan terms that are designed to help you succeed.

If you’ve experienced financial problems in the past, obtaining a bad credit loan can provide a great opportunity to help you rebuild your bad credit rating. Bad credit loans can help you make a fresh start today. Our lending rules for people with a bad credit rating are non-judgmental and offer you flexibility and most importantly relief.


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A Loan Can Benefit You If You Have:

  • Late payments on your bills
  • Defaults or judgments
  • Mortgage arrears
  • Eviction notice
  • Past bankruptcy
  • Debt collectors harassing you
  • Increasing credit card debt or multiple personal loans
  • Threatening letters and phone calls chasing money owed

NSW Mortgage Corp’s Bad Credit Loans Can Help

We have been easing the burden and providing answers for thousands of Australians looking for financing. We have the facilities to negotiate on your behalf with creditors, banks, sheriffs and solicitors and to stop those harassing phone calls. For additional information on bad credit loans please call us today at NSW Mortgage Corp today on 1300 137 778 or Enquire Now.