Bad Credit Loans

As a non-bank alternative lender, we look past a bad credit history, to your ability to pay the loan, offering obligation-free, no credit check loans for all Australians.

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Bad credit loans For Good People

Bad credit can happen to anyone and when you find yourself low on funds a bank rejection for a personal loan is the last thing you need. At NSW Mortgage Corp, we offer bad credit loans with an understanding that bad credit happens to many and that shouldn’t stop you from finding the bad credit loan that is right for you.

We See Individuals, Not Just A Bad Credit File

Life is unpredictable and sometimes things happen that are beyond your control such as unemployment, divorce, illness/medical emergencies, natural disasters, global factors, such as COVID-19 or losing a loved one. These are all unforeseen circumstances that can leave you without enough money to cover your financial obligations. Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that these situations can sometimes lead to unwanted blemishes on your previously good credit file. NSW Mortgage Corp understands that bad credit happens to good people. Our attentive and friendly team has helped thousands of clients breathe a sigh of relief and get on top of their finances with bad credit loans.

From bad credit car finance to home loans for people with a low credit score, so we have financial products to suit whatever is happening in your life. At NSW Mortgage Corp, we’ve got you covered.

Our bad credit loan process is fast and flexible, so you can get quick access to the finance you need sooner. We can offer you competitive interest rates with flexible loan terms, designed to help you succeed in reaching your financial goals. 

NSW Mortgage Corp is committed to getting you through the hard times, not just with financial products for bad credit, but also offering online budget tools to get your in charge of your money and online/telephone support when you need us.

If you’ve experienced financial problems in the past, obtaining a bad credit loan can provide a great opportunity to help you rebuild your bad credit rating. Bad credit loans can help you make a fresh start today. Our lending rules for people with a bad credit rating are non-judgmental and offer you flexibility and most importantly relief.

Bad Credit Loans Can Help With...

Stress-free Application For Bad Credit Loans

If you discover you have bad credit, you aren’t the only one. Perhaps you’ve applied for a credit card or a personal loan through a bank and have been knocked back. You may not even be aware you have bad credit. Often a bad credit score can be a shock. Credit reporting agency Veda says approximately 3 million Australians are at risk of default, and even more now since the coronavirus crisis. Circumstances beyond our control can lead to defaults and even judgements, mortgage arrears and falling behind in personal loans.

Right now more Australian’s are finding themselves vulnerable. When applying car loans or mortgages, bad credit will lead the bank to refuse your application. There are several options in this case. One is to repair your credit, either by trying to work it out your self or going to a reputable credit repair expert, such as Clean Credit, who can identify the issues causing your poor credit score. The second is to apply for a bad credit loan through us, where we look past your history and look at your ability to service your financial product.

NSW Mortgage Corp believes all Australians should be able to access affordable finance when they need it. Our caring and highly trained loan specialist leaning team work with bad credit applicants every day and understand how to get the most suitable loan product for customers. We offer no credit check, bad credit loans to help you on your way to financial freedom. Each customer is treated with respect and as an individual, not a just a bad credit history. Get in touch with us today to discuss your unique finance needs.

How NSW Mortgage Corp Helps With Bad Credit Loans


Competitive interest rates

Even with a bad credit history, NSWMC can find you competitive no credit check loans that best suit your financial situation.

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No credit check loans

When you apply with NSW Mortgage Corp there is no impact on your credit rating. We look at your current ability to pay the loan and financial situation.

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Personalised attention

Because we are a bank alternative / non-bank lender, we take care with all our customers every step of the way, ensuring the best loan outcome. We have less restrictions, so more scope to assist.

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Get your bad credit loan approved

When the banks say no, we say yes. Our loan specialists work tirelessly to get bad credit loan approval for our highly customers. To us, you are a person, not just a loan applicant.

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Bad credit loan experts

We’ve helped hundreds of Australians over 30 years find personal loans with bad credit histories, offer from car finance, short term loans, no credit check loans, debt consolidation & home loans.

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Obligation free consultation

When you apply online, we offer an obligation-free consultation with one of our understanding, and highly trained loan specialists. Applying has not impact on your credit score.

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