Caroline’s Journey to Financial Freedom

Testimonial journey to financial freedom


Caroline arrived at NSW Mortgage Corp with a goal of getting back on track. We received this heartwarming message

There is no better feeling than receiving valued feedback from people we have helped. Our goal at NSW Mortgage Corp is to not only provide access to the most competitive loan products on the market. We are committed to providing the highest possible level of customer service. Our mission is to help improve your financial health.

Caroline arrived at NSW Mortgage Corp with a goal of getting back on track. We received this heartwarming message

“Hi Emily, Amelia, Scotty, and Chloe 

I have been trying to write this for days and work is just crazy at the moment. We’re in the middle of an audit.  

Amelia, when I called you all those months ago, I was in a state of distress. We had been left with no choices, some of that our fault, but a lot of it, a very dodgy broker and bank’s fault. You spoke to me with such care and understanding, and although the odds weren’t good, you gave me hope. We were going to inevitably lose our home and I really didn’t believe you could help. Since the process began, it has been nothing short of positive and seamless. I have dealt with many of your staff, and all seem to have this happy and positive vibe. When in a stressful situation, those voices on the other end mean more than you could know. Now, your staff.

Everyone I spoke to went above and beyond to process this loan. Chloe and Scotty were always there to help when Emily couldn’t be there and again, so reassuring and positive. And Emily, where do I begin?! So much to say about you, Emily. We talked a lot and you were probably one of the nicest people I have ever dealt with under such high-pressure circumstances. You answered calls and emails almost immediately, you never sounded stressed or worried, even when I was panicking on the other end. I’m sure your efficiency and dedication to your job is noticed. I’m so grateful for your patience and kindness over the last few months.

So just when I couldn’t be any more impressed, yesterday we arrived home to flowers as you were thanking us for being great clients. It was that wow moment, you guys are just the best!

So as of last Friday, besides our mortgage (with repayments lower than our last mortgage – absolutely amazing!) we are completely debt free. We chopped up all credit cards, paid the big bills for the year and now have savings in the bank. Sizeable savings that will now be our emergency money for the first time ever! And as for RAMS, they have been brilliant. They have called several times to make sure we are happy.

I know this is your job, I know you perform these miracles every day, but please know that you have literally changed our lives. We are so happy, so grateful and will be sharing NSW Mortgage Corp across all of our social media!

Thanks for reading my book, but you needed to know this. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Talk to you in a few years (with no debt consolidation I promise!)”

Warm Regards


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