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In May 2010, a study revealed that 38% of all home loans taken out were for refinance purposes, while only 15.4% of all home loans were taken out by those looking to upgrade their family home. Included in these figures were property investors who made up 36.7% of all home loan activity, while only 9.9% of all home loans in May were for first home buyers. With the Reserve Bank and the major banks on the verge of increasing interest rates, now is the perfect time to look at a Home Loan Refinance that will allow you to either reduce your monthly repayments or pay off your home loan even faster, which means you and your family can use the money you have saved from your Home Loan Refinance for other things. If you have a major expense approaching (like a holiday or a wedding) later in the year, then you may want to have access to your home equity to free up the money to cover the expense. A Home Loan Refinance is a great way to do this.

NSW Mortgage Corp is a specialist in Home Loan Refinance

We offer free, no-obligation home loan health checks to see if we can save you some money and we recommend taking us up on the offer at least once every 12 months. To see if we might be able to save you some money, why not use our finance calculators and then give us a call? If you refinance your loans and debts into one simple debt consolidation loan, you have the potential to save time and money – even thousands of dollars in the long run.

To speak with a consultant about a Home Loan Refinance, contact NSW Mortgage Corp today on 1300 137 778 and learn how refinancing your loans and debts can help you get ahead.

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