How to Save Your Christmas Dinner


Christmas dinner is a festive event everyone looks forward to. The smell of freshly baked goodies, turkey dish and tasty salads make the holiday season more exciting. However, the holiday rush, shopping and cooking often becomes a problem especially for moms who have limited time to prepare. A lot of things can go wrong if you’re not fully prepared or if accidents happen. And surely ordering pizza will not make up for it. Before the Christmas dinner, prepare your menu and make a list of what you have to buy in groceries. Preparing for a delicious Christmas dinner can be easy if you just learn the short cuts, tips and tricks that every mom should be aware of. So if disaster strikes or if you’re rushing for time, these tips will help you conquer them.

Saving Your Christmas Dinner

  1. Do not panic – This is not the time to panic, stay focused. Without focus, you’ll end up burning your meal or ruin the taste.
  2. Freeze drinks – In case you have forgotten to refrigerate or chill your Christmas drinks overnight, the best thing that you can do is grab several pieces of damp paper towels and wrap the bottle with it, place inside the fridge for 10 minutes. It freezes your drinks fast but don’t leave it for too long cause bottles could crack.
  3. Dishwasher tricks – use it to wash veggies, or warm your plates fast just like what you have in restaurants.
  4. Prevent pans from boiling over – avoid the spills and accidents by placing a wooden spoon across the top of each pot.
  5. Perfect turkey – the breast part of turkey burns easily. Use ice cubes to cool it down before roasting; this trick prevents the turkey from burning.
  6. Store oil drippings – Oil drippings can mess up your sink. Grab a foil and fold it like a box shape, and use it to collect oils and fat to avoid grease in your sink’s drainage. Wait for the oil to harden like a block and place it in a trash bin.
  7. Pre-cooked potatoes – Roast the potatoes the day before and simply reheat it. No one else will recognize the difference.
  8. Soft ice cream – Ice creams get too hard when placed in the fridge for too long. Scoop them and place it in a Ziploc bag, this prevents the ice cream from being too hard. Nobody will enjoy it if it’s as solid as a rock.
  9. Prepare salad – Vegetable salad is easy to prepare, and the recipe is not complicated. Keep your greens in the fridge to keep it fresh and crisp.

Save your Christmas dinner by following these simple tricks. Nothing beats home cooked meals. Celebrate the holiday season with your loved ones and enjoy delicious meals fresh from your own kitchen.

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