Identifying and Eradicating Self Sabotage for Success in the Workplace


To be successful in the workplace, you must identify what’s keeping you from being successful. A lot of people tend to self sabotage without realising it. Here are a few self sabotaging behaviours that people do that can be identified and eradicated.

Identifying and Eradicating Self Sabotage

Struggle does not mean failure

Many a time in your life, you will often experience bumps in the road to success. You will be faced with many different struggles and think you’re not cut out for it. Every career driven person will say that if you’re struggling, you must be improving. A lot of successful people have this mindset. People should learn to be persistent when faced with difficulties instead of calling it quits. Going through struggles can lead to personal growth and development. You just need to keep your head held high and look toward the future.

Embracing every thought

As humans, we have over 50,000 thoughts a day; productive thoughts, ridiculous thoughts, funny thoughts, creative thoughts, destructive thoughts, etc. Some people might obsess over negative thoughts and start to dwell over them and become depressed. Successful people are those who have many different thoughts, acknowledge its existence and move on without dwelling on them. The most effective way to deal with negative thoughts is to recognise the thought, accept that you just thought about it, find out why this thought occurred and then let it go. It’s not productive to dwell on negativity when you’re thriving for success.

Take a step back and review yourself

You may think you’re the best co-worker or the best employee in your workplace but it may not be so for everyone. You may only find out that your certain behaviour may not be appropriate at times without you realising it. That’s because we’re more aware of the behaviour of people around us than our own behaviours. So take a step back, and think about how you behave in your workplace. Most people tend to blame others in these situations but if you want to be a successful person, you must assess yourself and make appropriate improvements.

Realign your intention and behaviour

Some people may have the greatest and sincerest intentions for their workplace, their personal environment, their personal relationships, etc but some of them fail at acting them out. One needs to make sure one’s intention is more aligned with one’s behaviour. If your actions and behaviour seem out of line for others while your intentions are actually for the greater good, you need to reassess your behaviour to match your intentions.

Always room to grow

We’re all human beings and we’re capable of growing and improving our intelligence, our talents and our abilities for many things. Even our personality and behaviours can be improved for the better. You just need to practise self control and stay calm; other things will fall into place. Always be open to change and accept change. Change can lead to success. If not success, knowledge.

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