It is not easy to find a good loan online with bad credit. Fortunately, there are factors that can help you find the most practical and favorable loan product to meet your needs.

Job security

How secured is your job? How stable is your cash flow? If you have a permanent employment, there is a higher chance of getting favorable loans as lenders are more lenient to those with stable income, despite their bad credit. But, if you have a low credit score and an unsteady employment, your options are limited. Job security is also an important factor in considering your capacity to repay your debt. In case you lose your job, will you still have other sources of income to cover your monthly obligations and repayment dues?

Income stability

If you don’t have a job, but you have a steady flow of cash because of your business, passive income or alimony, lenders will consider your expenses against your income. They want to make sure that you don’t have to make major budgeting adjustments to accommodate the loan repayment.

Let’s say, your monthly income ranges from $3,000 to $5,000. Lenders may ask you about your existing loan obligations (or check them in your credit file) and your monthly expenses when computing the amount that you can borrow. The reason is simple-they want to know if you can still afford to make the repayment based on your income minus your expenses and other debts.


Time frame

How long do you plan to pay for the loan? It may take weeks or months before you can settle a loan online with bad credit. So make sure that you have a realistic time-frame for payment. Don’t get too excited in paying it off early when you know you have limited resources to do so. Instead, you can choose a realistic loan term which you can afford to pay. Let’s say, you took out a $10,000 loan online with bad credit at 10% monthly interest. Don’t promise to pay it in a month or two, when your sources of income are limited, especially if you are using the money to invest or to inject capital into your business.

Loan options are limited for people with bad credit. But, there are good loan options out there – you just have to compare their terms wisely. Even with a bad credit, you can find an affordable loan product to pay for your current and expected expenses, build your emergency fund and retirement nest egg and allow you to engage in business or invest in sound financial vehicles.

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