Refinancing your mortgage allows you to consolidate debt; lock in a better interest rate; switch between variable and fixed interest rates; and release the equity in your home to cover expenses such as home renovations, investments, weddings and motor vehicles. You may just wish to refinance your mortgage to get a home loan that better suits your lifestyle and circumstances, or one that allows you to refinance and pay off your home loan even faster.

Is it Time to Refinance?

Looking for a better interest rate or to reduce your monthly repayments? Perhaps you want to unlock your home equity and free up some money to renovate your home or to invest. Whatever the reason, if the timing is right for you, refinancing can be a very beneficial exercise and may ultimately save you thousands of dollars, giving you the home loan features you want and helping you to get ahead financially.

Refinancing your Home Loan

Has your mortgage had a ‘Home Loan Health Check’ in the past 12 months? If you just answered “no”, then it’s time to take advantage of NSW Mortgage Corp’s free Home Loan Health Check offer. We might just save you thousands of dollars when you refinance with Australia’s most competitive interest rates and the best refinancing options.
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Consolidate Debt