Foreign Investor Property Tax to be Negotiated


Property tax evaders consist mostly of foreign investors than local citizens in Australia. A property tax scheme may be restricted to only citizens after it was discovered that foreign investors had dodged close to 60 million dollars in 2013.

Foreign investors have used negative gearing to their advantage by offsetting the costs of their investment properties like real estate agent fees, maintenance fees and interest on mortgages against rental income; hence they were able to reduce their tax bill by 73%.

Foreign Investor Property Tax

The taxation policy regarding negative gearing is being reviewed and under active consideration, part of the Tax White Paper process. The policy specialists will be investigating the possible impacts from changing the rules on foreign investment. Utmost care and consideration will be practised since foreign investment has been crucial in fuelling the housing construction in Australia in recent years. The government, while hesitant, is investigating a move on abolishing the use of overseas investors in the system, which could result in a complete change in the system.

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